29 August 2017



DAVILA: Joining us this morning is Senator Francis 'Chiz' Escudero. He's the chairman of the Senate committee on banks, financial institutions and currencies. Welcome to Hotcopy, Senator Chiz. Thank you for coming to the show.

ESCUDERO: Good Morning Karen at sa ating mga televiewers natin, magandang umaga din!

DAVILA: Alright, just a very quick note before we discuss the hearing last week. What is your reaction? Because thats very new, Congressman Rey Umali saying telling Christian Esguerra that non-declaration of assets may not be enough to impeach Andy Bautista. That was just this morning.

ESCUDERO: Medyo nagugulahan ako dun Karen. Dahil kung pagbabasehan yung precedence ng House; bahagi si Congressman Umali nun. Na-impeach ng House, tinanggal ng Senado si Chief Justice Corona bilang basehan subalit bawat impeachment case ay unique. Bawat impeachment case ay kakaiba at desisyon ng Kamara what is impeachable and what is not.

DAVILA: Okay so what you are trying to tell me is wouldn't be possible then that the basis for Corona's impeachment may not be Bautista's?

ESCUDERO: It may be inconsistent Karen but what is impeachable is what the House says is. That's basically the rule. Impeachment is still at the end of the day a political process and its what the House decides.

DAVILA: Alright, okay to refresh the viewers Bautista's estranged wife Patricia alleges that Bautista has over a billion pesos unexplained wealth 32 accounts in Luzon Development Bank which was the subject of the hearing last week on the committee on banks and financial institutions. The first one let's discuss, what aspects of this investigation did you find questionable? What were the red flags?

ESCUDERO: Well first the fact that there were 32 bank accounts. Anong logic at anong rason ba't magkakaroon ka ng ganung kadaming bank accounts sa iisang bangko?

DAVILA: But it is really illegal?

ESCUDERO: Not per se but it is a red flag. It should have brought up red flag on the part of LDB or on the part of AMLC. Secondly, Chairman Bautista like me, we're both PEPs, Politically Exposed Persons. Meaning to say, his wife, siya at nanay, tatay niya yung may mga bank accounts din…

DAVILA: …siblings…

ESCUDERO: Hindi kasama siblings…


ESCUDERO: PEP sila, Politically Exposed Persons at yung kamag-anak niya PAP, Politically Associated Persons.

DAVILA: I see.

ESCUDERO: Which therefore means whether they breach to the threshold of 500,000 per transaction or not there within the sides of AMLC or any bank for that matter plus the third rule, KYC, Know Your Client, it means Luzon Development Bank should have ask Chairman Bautista, san galing yung pera? Anong negosyo? For example Karen…

DAVILA: Can banks really ask that?

ESCUDERO: Ofcourse.

DAVILA: I mean I don't know if they do…

ESCUDERO: They are bound. They are bound by it by the AMLC to do it. For example Karen, nag deposito ka ng Php30-M which is not ordinary in a daily bank to bank transactions.

DAVILA: And you are a senator, hypothetically.

ESCUDERO: Kahit ikaw nga. Pag nag deposito ka even if you are a private person and you are not usually depositing 30-M every month or every year. Nag deposito ka bigla ng 30-M; the bank is bound to ask you. San galing po yung pera? Pag sinabi mong, ah may nabenta akong lupa. The bank is bound to ask you to, can we get a copy of the deed of sale?

DAVILA: I have yet to see banks that do that.

ESCUDERO: They do that.

DAVILA: Really?

ESCUDERO: They do that. May mga transaksyon sila na in the tense of millions in a daily basis for the past of 5 or 10 years, they won't anymore. Let's say kung ang apelyido mo ay two letters o three letters, siguro hindi. Pero pagka Davila, ilang letters, tatanungin. And they should know. And once they checked by AMLC or BSP; BSP ang regulator ng mga bangko. They have to be able to present these documents.

DAVILA: Okay, alright. Let's start with the politically exposed persons. Luzon Development Bank President David Sarmiento told you in the hearing that LDB complied with its duty to file suspicious transactions and give other reports on the deposits, did they?

ESCUDERO: They call it STRs [Suspicious Transactions Reports]. They claim they did but AMLC is still investigating this particular issue after being task by the NBI, the BSP is also reviewing it. Ang problema dito Karen, yung secrecy of bank deposits. Hindi mabuksan yung account ni Chairman Bautista, hindi rin makapagsalita yung bangko tungkol sa mga nirereport nila. Subject to two process in that law; number one…

DAVILA: But can AMLC confirm to you personally in the hearing?


DAVILA: If LDB at least acted…

ESCUDERO: No they cannot because the law itself prohibits it. Pinagbawal ng batas kasi ang fear naman Karen nung pinasa AMLC nuon baka magamit ito sa politika. So mageeleksyon biglang kung anu-ano ang ilalabas. Nagkaroon din ng wall, nagkaroon din ng iron curtain ika nga para mapigilan yung paglalabas ng impormasyon ng AMLC na maaring magamit lamang laban sa isang tao sa ngalan ng politika o dahil may kulay ng politika. Pero ang unang tanong dun, ang closed account ba ay covered pa rin ng secrecy of bank deposits? Pag natuloy yung hearing namin, para sa akin hindi. Ang depinisyon nakalagay, Secrecy of Bank Deposits. Hindi sinabing secrecy of bank depositors. Kung wala nang deposito dahil closed na yung account; pwede na dapat tignan yung account na yun. Kung matutuloy ang hearing namin, itutulak ko yung isyung yun para magkaalaman hanggang makarating sa Korte Suprema kung covered nga ba yun or hindi?

DAVILA: But did the bank confirm that there are indeed 32 accounts?

ESCUDERO: We were not able to go there because NBI did not bring the actual passbooks. I asked them ahead, if I present to you the passbooks just to ask; are these valid, genuine passbooks that you issued?

DAVILA: Exactly.

ESCUDERO: I won't even asked what's name is there. I won't even asked deposits there. Hanggang dun lang. They said they would answer kaya lang hindi dala ng NBI sa unang pagdinig yung mga passbooks. Another issue Karen, once an impeachment case is filed exceptions sa bank secrecy law ang impeachment case. So pagtumuloy-tuloy yung impeachment case regardless of whether or not you have a court order or a waiver from the depositor; Congress or the Senate if it pursues—it if proceeds with the trial can open those bank accounts.

DAVILA: Alright with that and the House now saying that they will look into the complaint against Andy Bautista, does it make the Senate hearing moot and academic act at this point?

ESCUDERO: My personal position is suspend the hearing until the House shall decided on the matter or for example given there are calls to resign unless he resigns. Because that will render moot the impeachment complaint which in turn will open the gates again for the Senate to conduct an inquiry.

DAVILA: The next inquiry, I know you summoned Andy Bautista to attend.

ESCUDERO: We invited him, we have not yet issued a subpoena, we invited him. But again, my personal position is it should suspended but I have yet to finish my consultation with the members of the banks committee in the Senate.

DAVILA: Was his wife invited?

ESCUDERO: No, sapat na yung show mo Karen para imbitahin yung mag-asawa (laughs).

DAVILA: I am asking that because you know the wife claiming where she found those accounts and Andy claiming that she could have in effect plagiarized, faked it, manipulated, produced it.

ESCUDERO: No, she turned over all of the documents according to the NBI to the latter which the NBI is now competent to testify with those documents.

DAVILA: Another alarming issue frankly that came out in the hearing is you've discovered that Andy Bautista as PCGG chair deposited, this I need you to explain. There were sequestered companies that were managed by PCGG and apparently funding from those sequestered companies or monies from those sequestered companies were deposited into Luzon Development Bank.

ESCUDERO: Actually that's something that Chairman Bautista should answer. Walang kinalaman ito sa impeachment complaint, walang kinalaman ito sa mga reklamong sinampa sa House laban sa kanya at nakakabingi yung katahimikan niya kaugnay nito. At the very least Karen, that opens him up to a possible violation of Section 3(e) of the Antii-graft Law which is giving undue advantage. Why did he transfer the accounts? I don't know how much, probably in the millions or hundreds. Bakit pa siya sequestered kung maliit lang malamang sa malamang malaki 'yun. Bakit ilalagay sa Luzon Development Bank? And in your show itself, your very show, Andy admitted that he knows the owners personally. Hindi maganda at the very least and why LDB compared to other banks? But that opens a door to the committee on banks to look into this. In fact, we are already preparing letters to all line agencies and all GOCCs to ask them for the history or where the amounts of money have been deposited because under the law especially if you're a local government unit, 'yun obvious 'yon, government bank. Unless walang bangkong pag-aari ng gobyerno, Landbank o DBP sa munisipyo mo, 'yon pwede sa private bank pero ang government corporations parang nawala sa radar screen at lumalabas nga dito pwede nilang ideposito maski na saan. Imposibleng walang Landbank o DBP sa Makati o sa Fort.

DAVILA: What does the law say, let's say it's a sequestered company, where should you put the money?

ESCUDERO: Government depository bank.

DAVILA: That's what it says in the law?

ESCUDERO: No, in general. All government funds should be placed in a government depository bank.

DAVILA: So, that would be Landbank and DBP.

ESCUDERO: Landbank or DBP, I'm not sure if it's a law but I'm sure it's a regulation imposed by the executive department and he is still under the executive department, under in fact the Office of the President.

DAVILA: Technically speaking, could Andy Bautista as PCGG chair then have the discretion to choose any bank he wanted to deposit sequestered assets.

ESCUDERO: Apparently, him and any other head of any government corporation because as soon as Andy's term at Comelec ended, according to the NBI, it was transferred to another bank. I don't know where. So, apparently based on mere whim of whoever is the president or whoever has the controlling interest in any government corporation with a bank account.

DAVILA: So, that was 2012 and closed in 2016?

ESCUDERO: Yes, when his term ended.

DAVILA: Okay. How then can the hearing prove that there was undue preferential treatment?

ESCUDERO: The law says giving undue advantage. Clearly LDB was given undue advantage, if at all, as against other banks.

DAVILA: What if he says the interest rate was high?

ESCUDERO: Well, we'll see. According to LDB their interest rates were, well regular and common because you have to understand the BSP also regulates interest rates. If you are offering interest rates that are too high, it may not be sustainable and the BSP itself will call your attention to it and call you out.

DAVILA: Okay. Did LDB explain in some way why the money from the sequestered assets of PCGG were deposited to their account?


DAVILA: They're not free to talk about that?

ESCUDERO: Well, it's again covered by the bank secrecy law.

DAVILA: But they're public funds.

ESCUDERO: But still it's a bank account, and that's why the NBI are securing the waiver of the sequestered corporations over these accounts.

DAVILA: But who gives the waiver? That's the weird part because Andy Bautista is no longer chairman. You would have to ask the new chairperson.

ESCUDERO: Technically, the depositor would be the corporation not PCGG. So technically it's the board of the sequestered corporation of which PCGG is a part of or is controlling or is majority given that they're sequestered corporations who should give the waiver.

DAVILA: But then why would they give a waiver when they're sequestered? In other words, when you're sequestered you lose rights.

ESCUDERO: No. When you are sequestered means in the board, majority of the board of directors are government nominees, mostly from PCGG. Yun pa nga yung isang naging issue noon diba? Yung mga PCGG commissioners umuupo sa mga iba't ibang board ng sequestered corporation na tumatanggap ng kung anu-anong allowances which was cut by former President Aquino and maintained by President Duterte.

DAVILA: So, what happens after this given the effect of the banks secrecy law? You are asking Andy Bautista to issue a waiver.

ESCUDERO: Issue a waiver, and I already came up with a committee report Karen, seeking or asking or wanting to repeal the bank secrecy law. Tayo na lang ang huli sa dalawang bansa sa mundo na may bank secrecy law, Lebanon and the Philippines. Not a good group to be in.

DAVILA: Why aren't we moving towards that?

ESCUDERO: I already issued a committee report as chairman of the committee on banks seeking to repeal it.

DAVILA: No, where is it stock, is it the lower House again?

ESCUDERO: I don't know what's happening in the lower House but Karen I got a lot of texts and calls. Seryoso ka ba talaga dyan? Oo, why else would I do it?

DAVILA: Alright, but what if Andy Bautista refuses to issue a waiver?

ESCUDERO: For me, he will lose the public debate if he does not because he's been shouting to the high heavens that he is open to any investigation and even mentioned Congress, NBI, and that even his relatives, his brother said that they can prove where the money came from. So, what is there to fear? Ang pinanghahawakan ko palagi sa anumang imbestigasyon ay yung walang kinakatakutan, walang dapat itago, at walang dapat itago yung walang kinakatakutan.

DAVILA: You know people have this discussion right after the Andy Bautista interview and he said on the show the reason that they have a lot of passbooks, he doesn't say it's actually 32, but he says he's the family treasurer. And he's assigned to actually invest the money in ForEx and he claims some of it they've lost. They were victims of pyramiding, it was very gray but in effect it was separated into different accounts.

ESCUDERO: I think they are only about three or four savings, Karen not 32. Number two, LDB is not even authorized as foreign currency trader. In fact, they are not even allowed to hold foreign deposits. So, if at all doing that foreign currency trading through another financing institution or bank not the LDB. Based on the own admission of LDB during the hearing.

DAVILA: But you can deposit investments that you can use for ForEx through LDB?

ESCUDERO: In pesos already. They are not allowed. But if you are transacting in foreign exchange you keep it in that currency. Hindi ba, Karen? Bakit ka bibilli ng Dollar, ng Pound ng ganoon tapos kapag kumita ka na ibabalik mo sa peso uli?


ESCUDERO: What If peso is not a good currency to put your money or invest in? Why always revert to peso? Second, sorry I don't want to be accused of prejudging if it all reaches – but so many questions such as alam ko may pulitikong nag-iinvest sa kapatid na may negosyo. Ngayon lang ako nakarinig ng kapatid na nag-invest na pulitiko nasa gobyerno, di'ba? Iyong kapatid mo, ikaw nasa gobyerno may restaurant. Iyong kapatid mo nag-i-import, nag-e-export. So, yung Mayor, yung Governor, yung Congressman, yung Senador mag-i-invest sa kapatid because he does not have time to run that business. Ito, baligtad iyong mga kapatid at mga magulang ang nag-i-invest sa kapatid na nasa gobyerno. And third, if it is a joint account, even the brother of Chairman Andy Andy could not answer which part of that account is his and which part is not his? So, anong parte noon ang idineklara niya sa SALN niya kung mayroon man? And how he did even know when you asked Martin Bautista about it he doesn't even know. Let's say, of a deposit of let's say 100 million, magkano roon ang kay Chairman Bautista, magkano iyong sa kapatid niya, magkano sa isang kapatid niya, magkano sa nanay niya? That's too nebulous and that's too vague and not very listy as an equate chair there. Under the law he has an in equate share meaning may share hindi lang alam kung magkano.

DAVILA: Yeah. So, is it fair to say that when you investigate this issues of plunder, hidden wealth or in a way connected with issues on how the bank essentially behave and if the bank broke rules?

ESCUDERO: Well, not yet plunder at the very least, unexplained wealth which will give rise to forfeiture and if not explained and if they can trace it from government funds then, that's the only time it will become a plunder.

DAVILA: Because what is the state now of this 32 passbooks. You know, for example if Andy Bautista chooses to withdraw them all-

ESCUDERO: Which probably he has already, Karen. And nothing prevents him from doing that and it's not illegal also.

DAVILA: So then what can the government have? In another words, what justice is there if you would withdraw them all?

ESCUDERO: Iyun ang matagal ko nang inirereklamo, Karen. Actually, when I filed an AMLC amendment bill that would have given AMLC powers to act proactively.

DAVILA: Yeah, to hold. At least, to hold.

ESCUDERO: Again, it would not pass in Congress. Marami ang magrereklamo. Marami ang apektado. Marami ang takot sa abuso. Pero para sa akin patay na yung kabayo. By the time AMLC comes in and hold everything and finishes its investigation nothing prevents you from removing the money inside these accounts. So rarely if at all we uphold are we able to catch the actual cash in the account. Parang iyong Bangaldesh heist na nga lang e.

DAVILA: Yeah, exactly I was going there.

ESCUDERO: Iyun na lang. Ang laki laki ng pera, ang gobyerno pa ang involve ng isang bansa, ng gobyerno natin but still AMLC did not have the powers and not enough time to be able to hold the money here. They were able to transfer the money because in fairness given by current bank technology, you can do it by the simple push a button.

DAVILA: Yeah. So, the point right now is AMLC is also revealing its weaknesses in several hearings; AMLC is essentially is it fair to say is toothless?

ESCUDERO: Not really toothless but slow. But, it's not their fault too. They have been expressing frustrations and they have been asking for amendments. I am on their side. I see where they are coming from and I sympathize. That is exactly the bill that they have filed before the floor. The only problem is it could not pass in the House or even the Senate as is. So we have to come up with a second version in order to comply with the FATF requirement covering, at the very least, casinos. As of yet, not including all of these changes in the AMLC law.

DAVILA: Now, being Comelec Chair, is a constitutionally protected position. I mean he has to be impeached to be removed that's how protected he is but yet, his commissioners already saying that he should resign to face the issues that are against him. There's a Senate hearing essentially of his deposit of the bank behave if they were able to raise a red flag on several issues. There's a pending impeachment compliant in the House and yet Andy Bautista has not resigned?

ESCUDERO: For me Karen, that is a voluntary act. Resignation is always a voluntary act. Kapag pinilit mo, hindi na resignation ang tawag doon, sinipa mo na iyun. Secondly, the call of the Comelec commissioners for him to resign or take a leave at the very least so that he can face the impeachment case against him is separate from a possible conflict later on because impeachment as I said is a political process. You will deal with Congressmen and with Senators. I think one issue that the good chairman should address or answer is: to what extent will his position be compromised? Because again, impeachment by its very nature is political and he oversees the political process of elections. So, to what extent if at all will it be compromised? Or to what extent can he shield his office given that he has to go through this process one way or the other from any possible doubts. Because remember, elections should not only be clean, they should also be credible. Hindi lang siya dapat malinis dapat kapani-paniwala din siya. Importante't mahalaga iyon at sa paningin ng tao kapanipaniwala ang resulta ng anumang halalan .

DAVILA: Pero, Senator do you believe that Andy Bautista should take a leave or he should resign at this point?

ESCUDERO: That is totally up to him. Again, these are really my concerns and worries and I am trying to be really careful because I might be viewed as being biased already if in case the impeachment case reach the Senate.

DAVILA: Alright, next week you will be having another hearing. Is it next week or this week?

ESCUDERO: I'll finish my consultation with the members but as I said Karen my position is we should suspend until after the House impeachment proceedings are wind up or unless he resigns in which case the impeachment case is rendered inutile and the Senate can now proceed with the investigation.

DAVILA: Okay. But will you also invite his parents, his siblings?

ESCUDERO: No. Not yet. We will not there, yet.

DAVILA: Okay, we're gonna take a quick break with Senator Chiz Escudero. Hotcopy will be right back.

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DAVILA: Still with us for the second half on Hotcopy is Senator Chiz Escudero. We already talked about in the first half the hearing you've had because you're Chairman of the committee on banks. Moving now to this story of the four-day work week. Because it's actually a growing, I mean you have a group that wants it, you have a group that does'nt want it and it actually emanated from the concern of traffic.

ESCUDERO: Kung traffic lang ang isyu Karen, marami ibang paraan para ma-address yun. Maliban sa isabatas ang four-day work week dahil maraming kumplikasyon na nakaakibat yung four-day work week.

DAVILA: Why is that? There are countries na may four-day work week.

ESCUDERO: Pero yung arawan, yung binabayaran by the day, yung no work-no pay. Minus one day na siya ngayon ng trabaho, pangalawa yung pipilitin mong magtrabaho ng 10 oras imbes na walong oras sa isang araw; magbabayad pa ng overtime yung kumpanya. E hindi babayaran ng company overtime. At the end of the day, the Labor Code says 8hours day. Anything excess of 8, you have to pay overtime. So ang binawasan mo ng araw ano ngayon ang ibig sabihin nun? Babayad ka ba ng overtime dapat ikompute magiging cost sa kumpanya if any at ano ang epekto nito sa rights naman ng mga manggagawa. Pero may solusyon naman, di naman kailangan isabatas e. It can be done by MMDA coordinating with the various businesses…

DAVILA: For traffic. But what about government offices? I mean you also have people that say with the stressful life we have today, a three-day weekend actually helps in term of over-all health and quality of life. So if you work 10hours instead of 8 but you are paid the same, you don't lose income you become more efficient at work, do everything and look forward to a three-day weekend.

ESCUDERO: I don't necessarily disagree, all I am saying is we should study it further because it has far reaching implications and not simply in so far as improving traffic is concerned. The Senate has a four day work week, hanggang Thursday lang kami, walang opisina ng Biyernes. Pero may productive issues din doon Karen e, kapag dumating ng Huwebes ng hapon yung papel na dapat mong aksyunan, tulog na yun ng Biyernes, Sabado, Linggo, Lunes mo na makikita 'yon. So, there are also productivity issues in so far as this is concerned.

DAVILA: Especially in government.

ESCUDERO: Especially in government. It's not as simple na kapag may kailangan kang transaksyon sa gobyerno, 4 days lang magtatrabaho ang gobyerno? Again, mas pwede sigurong mag-shifting? Yung iba magtatrabaho 4 days a week yung empleyado pero yung opisina bukas ng limang araw. Yun pwede 'yon. Again, marami namang formula at maraming permutation na pwedeng tingnan. Hindi yung sarado lang yung isip natin, gawin nating apat na araw yung trabaho sa isang linggo para apat na araw lang yung may trapik. Hindi naman din siguro tama 'yon.

DAVILA: But in effect I think what you're also saying is if you want to do this, do it innovative and creative per company.

ESCUDERO: Per company, per area, per sector and you cannot make it into a law because it is now written in stone and so difficult to change. It's best to do it by mere regulation by a relevant government agency and bearing in mind too, huwag lang naman traffic, how will this affect of impinge on the productivity of the country as a whole? How will it affect the economy too? To what extent will it burdensome on the part of both the employees and the employer given overtime and given the lack of days they can work or the business can be opened.

DAVILA: Okay. Two major hearings in the Senate today, there will be another hearing of the death of Kian delos Santos. I didn't see you in the last hearing.

ESCUDERO: I monitored it in my office. Hindi na ako nag-attend kasi sa totoo lang, bato-bato sa langit, nao-OA-yan na ako sa maraming tao.

DAVILA: Why? Tell me.

ESCUDERO: Kawawa naman si Kian, namatay na nga't lahat, ang dami pang nagta-tug of war, nag-aaway, nagsasapawan sa testigo, sa bangkay, sa isyu. Mineet na ng Pangulo ang mga magulang niya, nag-fist bump pa nga. And I think if the parents trust the justice system and or the President's word I'm of a firm of belief, Karen ever since my day one in Congress in 1998. Congress should just investigate whenever those trusted or entrusted to investigate are not doing their job. But in this case, the president has gave a clear order and it seems like the wheels of justice are turning. Hindi ko na rin nagugustuhan ang nakikita kong nagta-tug-of-war ng mga testigo. Iyong iba-ibang kampo at grupo na may kulay na pula, asul, dilaw hindi na maganda.

DAVILA: So, you believe it's been politicized?

ESCUDERO: I don't think it's doing justice to Kian himself. It's been politicized by all sides, Karen, the mere fact that the president had to meet with them, too. I mean, bending over backwards going out of his way and meeting the parents. That shows that the president is sensitive to public opinion insofar as this is concerned and I think that is a good sign.

DAVILA: Yeah. But isn't it there is a bigger picture of this the war on drugs of the President? I mean, the Kian story is one face but it is essentially the whole system of the war on drugs.

ESCUDERO: Malacañang has already admitted that it's a wakeup call for them. Napakarami nang wake-up call sa totoo lang, Karen. Di'ba Karen sinasabi ko palagi wasted opportunity upon is one wasted opportunity for the administration for the government to show and prove that we will do this by respecting certain basic human rights. Well, this is the latest opportunity which I think the administration not really took advantage of but made used of insofar as sending correct messages concerned to all law enforcement officers.

DAVILA: Last, there was a text that came in, just a clarification are you suspending, terminating on the hearing of Senate Committee on Banks when it comes to the LDB issue?

ESCUDERO: Personally, I want to suspend it while the impeachment proceedings are pending. Suspension meaning I can resume at any time after the impeachment proceedings are over or if Chairman Bautista resigned in which case the impeachment case is rendered moot. But I have yet to finish my consultation with the members but its heading in that direction, Karen.

DAVILA: Would you consider now that the impeachment process has begun?

ESCUDERO: Definitely I a, not going to call a hearing until get the consensus of the all the members but I think, generally, I've spoken to several members. Iyon din naman ang tema ng direksyon nila e, i-suspend habang mayroong impeachment proceeedings. Kapag natapos iyon o kapag halimbawa nagbitiw si Chaimrman Bautista dahil moot na ang impeachment puwede na kami magpatuloy ulit.

DAVILA: Alright, on that note Senator Chiz Escudero, thank you so much for coming.###





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